About Me

Hello fellow web traveller! My name is Sarah and I am the owner of TheSkinCareGenie.com, your source for anything beauty and skincare related!

I have been absolutely obsessed with skincare for the past 10 years and am always looking for new ways to achieve a healthier and better looking face. Unfortunately, I have found that there are so many skincare products out there that it can be incredibly difficult to find the right one for my face.

Everyone’s skin has difference characteristics and features, and what works for one person, may not work for another. As a result, I decided to start this website to help people find the best skincare products for their face.

In addition, there are so many overhyped, miracle products out there that sifting through all the junk can be a challenge (not to mention expensive!). I have reviewed tons of products over the years and have developed a product good understanding of what general works, what to avoid, and what ingredients are actually linked to proper skincare. I have decided to share some of these knowledge for anyone else out there who is less familiar with all the skincare products on the market. And there are indeed thousands to choose from.

My Approach to Reviewing Skincare Products

My approach to anything skincare related is to be automatically skeptical of anything I’m told. I do not believe anything from a company page right away and I certainly don’t give too much weight to “so-called” celebrity endorsements.

Any product that I hear about I first do in-depth research on before I buy it. This means looking at the ingredients list, checking for any potential scams, and finally reading through as many customer reviews as I can. Only once I have done my due diligence do I even consider buying a product.

But let’s face it. For anyone to do such comprehensive research can take a lot of time. And you also have to know where to look find real customer review 😉

Not everyone has the time nor the capacity to do that as it can literally take hours. As a result, I have done all this research for you and put it into each of my product reviews. Hopefully the information I provide can be helpful for you as you figure out which skincare product to buy based on your unique needs.

My Approach to Providing Skincare Tips

I only provide skincare tips that have actually been tested (either by myself or other people). As such, I try to base any of my information articles on what I (or others) have experienced with skincare. There is so much non-sense out there and weird skincare tricks that you have to take everything with a grain of salt these days.

However, I have always got my eyes open for new skincare tips and research. If there is something new out there to help improve my skin, I am all over it! And if I find that it has helped me, then I will also share it here on my website.

How To Use TheSkinCareGenie.com

All the categories can be easily accessed at the top of the website. From there you can access informational articles, skincare tips, skincare research, and product reviews. Anything that is hot off the press (i.e. new blog articles) is listed on the right-hand. Feel free to comment and share as you feel appropriate!

I love hearing from my readers and ALWAYS enjoy talking about skincare. Feel free to contact me anytime either by leaving a comment or sending an email.

Have a question about skincare or anything on my website? Feel free to contact me anytime.