How to Make Your Skin Look Younger | Easy Tips

When it comes to great looking skin, the area that usually gets the most attention is the face. It’s normal to want to keep your face looking vibrant and healthy. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave it to chance. There are some simple things that you can do each day in order to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Here are our tips for a younger looking face:

Stay Out of the Sun

One of the top contributors to older looking skin is sun damage, says the American Academy of Dermatology. Exposure to the sun can hurt skin in all kinds of ways, including because it can cause wrinkles and sun spots. It can also make skin less elastic.

When you’re headed out for a day in the sun, don’t forget to grab a wide-brimmed hat to take with you. Sunscreen is a must. Don’t forget that sun damage can happen quickly, so it’s important to lather up every time you’re under the rays.

Wear Sunglasses

This goes along with wearing sunscreen if you’re going to be in the sun or anywhere that it’s bright. When it’s bright outside or the sun is shining just right, we tend to squint. Making the same faces over and over again can actually cause the appearance of aging in the face. When we make an expression, we use the muscles under the skin.

If you make the same face enough times, the skin reacts and the wrinkles stay there. If you wear sunglasses, you’re less likely to squint in the sun. This can prevent wrinkles.

Eat Your Greens

A healthy diet can go a long ways when it comes to how to make your skin look younger. Fruits and vegetables give the skin the nutrients it needs to stay young and vibrant. When cells have more nutrients to work with, they grow stronger and richer. While vitamins are always better than nothing, it’s best to eat a well-balanced diet that’s rich in leafy greens and fruit.

Get Plenty of Sleep

As if we needed another reason to justify a nap, one answer for the age-old question of how to prevent aging skin is to get more sleep. When we sleep, our body centers itself. We recharge our human batteries and our immune system goes to work. You can literally get your beauty rest when you make time to get some extra Zs, experts say.

Moisturize and Drink Water

Applying a moisturizer a few times a day can add water to the skin, which can make it look younger. When you apply a moisturizer, what you’re doing is giving your skin water to soak up directly. Your skin thanks you and the result is a younger looking face.

While it’s great to apply moisture from the outside with a moisturizer, you can also add water to your skin from the inside. Drinking water helps skin look moist and plump, because you’re sending moisture to your skin cells. Drinking more water also helps your skin cells remove unwanted waste.

Cleanse or Exfoliate

While water is a very important ingredient for a younger looking face, it’s also important to get rid of unwanted dirt and debris. You can do this by using a cleanser on your face. Make sure that what you choose is mild because a harsh exfoliator on the face can actually cause damage and make your skin look older. The right cleanser removes harmful dirt and debris in a gentle way that makes skin look young and fresh.


Exercise is good for the skin and the other systems in the body. When you exercise, your circulatory system gets a boost and your immune system heats up, too. This brings more oxygen to skin cells which in turn can give your face a younger looking appearance.

Shower After You Exercise

When you exercise, you sweat. That’s your body’s way of cooling down and removing unwanted fluid and debris. That unwanted fluid and debris exits through your skin. If you don’t shower right after you exercise, those unwanted house guests get to hang out on your skin. It’s best to shower right away after your workout so that your skin is free of sweat and dirt that can make it look years older.

Skin Care Made Simple

For tips for a younger looking face, the keys are to feed your skin in a healthy way and prevent unwanted dirt and debris from hanging out where it can cause damage. You feed your skin in lots of ways – with sleep, water, moisturizers, and by eating well. When you use facial cleansers and shower right after exercise, you prevent unwanted dirt and waste from staying where it doesn’t belong. Follow these steps and you’re on your way to a younger, healthier looking you.

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